There are three categories. The first are those who have their worlds 

turned upside down,  the second are those who don't. 

The third category are those who save these worlds.

     Eva White fits into the first category. She just

wants to be normal and go unseen.          

However, now with an offer to join a team 

of young dimension travelers

she will find out about dimensions 

hidden from most of humanity's view.

     Yet, before she can go on missions of all 

different kinds of adventures with the team, 

Eva must first hone her skills in a school.  

But when that school's dimension goes on a killing spree, 

will Eva survive long enough to become part of the third category?

Eva and Astrolabe are thrown directly into the line of fire. Without any time to hone their abilities, they are shoved into problem after problem. Eva just graduated from her school in Accrux when Richard Smith, Connor’s dad, went into an accident and came out genetically mutated. Ordered to take him down, the team fight against their own emotional instability, indecisiveness, and haunting memories to try to obey the orders of the Director. Time and time again, Richard slips through their fingers and each failure takes its toll on the team. The dimensions they’ve come to know and love start to tear apart, leaving death in their wake. Friendships are made and destroyed, lives are won and lost. Can Astrolabe stick together and defeat their foe? Or will Richard tear the team apart, one member at a time?

                                What is the Greater Good?



What Will They Leave Behind?

Betrayed is a word Eva would have never thought to describe herself. Life was thrown out of order and everything that she had built throughout the years was destroyed. Richard had pulled the carpet from under her feet and now Eva is left without many options to bring back what she lost. With lives in peril, friendships borderline gone, and the only person she truly loved in danger, Eva White is locked in a cage. She needs to step up and save what’s left of her team and of the organization or all the dimensions will perish. Will Eva White allow the betrayal to lead her focus or will she fight for everyone she loves? Save innocent lives or allow for the takeover of a power hungry madman? Join Eva and Astrolabe in the chilling finale of the Hidden Dimensions Series as their quest to save everyone, even those who they never thought would need it, becomes more lethal than ever before. 


© 2018 by Giuliana Evangelista

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